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Glassed Eye Exam

Your eye exam is FREE when you buy 2 pairs of glasses ($45 value)! Our comprehensive exams* include:

  • Glaucoma screening
  • Refraction
  • Prescription
  • General eye health examination
  • Optional Visual Field Test

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Contact Lens Exam

Get an eye exam and for an additional $20, you can join the Eyecare Club. Members receive:

  • Free eye exams
  • Up to 2 exams per year
  • Discounts on contacts lenses
  • Additional discounts on glasses & accessories

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Visual Field Test

A visual field test (VFT) measures retinal function and light sensitivity for a fee of $15. If you have headaches, diabetes, high blood pressure or heart issues, it's important to be screened for certain visual disorders.

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My elderly mom and I were so impressed with the way we were treated by the doctor and staff! He took the time to explain procedures and preventative methods for our eyecare. It is nice to see customer service, often a lost art in today's business world, is still a top priority for your store!


My husband and I love, love, love the doctor here. She even followed up on sending my info to my family doctor.


I think joining the club is worthwhile because it saves me money on my visits. When I was still going to school, it was definitely a much cheaper way to get my eye exams yearly, get discounts on my new lenses for my glasses and getting the discount for my contact lenses were wonderful as well.

Mel A.

What should I have ready for an eye exam?

  • Please arrive 5-10 minutes to your appointment to complete patient paperwork.
  • If you're a new patient, it's helpful to bring a copy of your most recent prescription from your previous provider.
  • You can also bring your current eyewear and/or a box of contact lenses for each eye showing your prescription on the label.
  • If you have vision insurance, please bring a copy of your insurance card. You can call the store 24 hours before your appoint to verify your benefits.

Why do contact lens exams cost more?

Contact lens exams cover all of the evaluations that you get with an eye exam for eyeglasses, plus additional diagnostic information that indicates what contact lenses are right for you.

How do I get my prescription for eyeglasses or contact lenses?

You'll receive a prescription for eyeglasses following your exam. If you are prescribed contacts, you'll receive a trial pair and must return for a follow up exam after you've been wearing them for a short period of time. This follow-up visit is necessary to evaluate how you are seeing, and how well the contact lenses fit your eyes.

Contact lens prescriptions can be released after the follow-up visit once the contact lenses are deemed a good fit for you.

Why should I schedule an eye exam in the first place?

If you've experienced any of the following, we highly suggest scheduling an eye exam with one of our optometrists:

  • Changes in vision
  • Blurred or fuzzy vision
  • Eye pain or strain
  • Extreme or recurring headaches 
  • Seeing black or gray spots 

In addition to the comprehensive eye examination, an optometrist will discuss any of these changes with you to determine whether additional treatment is needed. An optometrist should always be your first stop regarding eye issues. Going straight to an ophthalmologist would be like scheduling an appointment with a surgeon before knowing if you need surgery. 

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*In certain states, eye exams provided by independent Optometrists or Ophthalmologists.