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America’s Best: We’re Ready When You Are

This full-time (plus!) career woman couldn’t find an eye doc with convenient hours—until she called America’s Best


Timing is everything. Just ask Ashleigh Letofsky.

She’s a Colorado native who’s outdoors every chance she gets. But her day job keeps her stuck indoors, spending hours in front of a computer screen. 

As a lifelong member of the nearsighted club (she got her first pair of glasses at age 5), Ashleigh knows it’s important to stay up on eye checkups. But getting to her eye doctor (and paying for the exams) has been a different matter in recent years.

“I was so busy at work—and I didn’t have vision insurance,” says Ashleigh. “All of a sudden, I realized that it’d been four years since I’d last been to the eye doctor.” 

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Ashleigh’s a go-getter: During the day she works as court clerk for the town of Parker, Colorado. And when five o’clock comes around, she helps out with her family’s sports business, assigning referees and umpires for local high school games. 

“I do a lot of data entry,” she says, “updating games and schedules, making sure the right people are assigned to the right school and alerting everyone to any time changes.” 

All of which can be quite a strain on her eyes. But without a lot of free time—or insurance—she put off those important eye doctor visits. Luckily, all that changed when she took a new job that offered vision insurance. Bingo! End of story? 

Not exactly. “Every time I tried to make an appointment with an eye doctor, I was out of luck,” Ashleigh explains. “I was really busy at my new job during the day, and nobody seemed to offer evening hours. Even if I’d been able to get some time off during the day, I’d have had to wait more than two months for the first available slot. I figured I’d already waited four years—I really didn’t want to wait any longer.”

That’s when she noticed an America’s Best Contacts & Eyeglasses store just down the street from her office. “Their hours were flexible, and I was able to just pop over after work,” she says. “It was super convenient. But still, I was pretty anxious about that appointment. I was worried that after so long, my eyesight would be way worse.” 

Her fears were dropped as soon as she walked through the door at America’s Best. “Everyone there was so friendly,” she recalls. “They welcomed me the second I arrived and really put me at ease.” 

And then the staff sprang into action, doing what they do best: Providing a thorough professional eye exam. “They walked me through the entire process,” says Ashleigh. “I never got the feeling that they were pushing me along.”  

After all the usual vision screenings, she was offered something extra—retinal imaging. That’s where the optometrist uses a special camera to take a high-definition digital image of the back of the eye to check for any damage that might lead to future vision problems.

“It seemed like a good idea after such a long time,” she says. “The doctor showed me the pictures and told me that my eyes were normal and healthy. That really put me at ease.” 

Finally, armed with a new prescription, Ashleigh had the run of the America’s Best showroom. “I think I tried on just about every pair of glasses in the store,” she says. “It was so much fun—they just kind of let me browse.”  

When she’d made her selection, the optician talked with her about anti-glare coatings for her lenses. “That’s been so helpful,” she says. “I’ve had glasses before that gave me headaches while I was working at a screen—but not anymore.”

When all was said and done, Ashleigh had two new pairs of glasses: “Depending on my mood, I can switch them up!” 

Plus, she got new contact lenses. “I like having contacts when I’m running or doing outdoor yoga,” she explains. “That way, I can just wear regular sunglasses for UV protection.” 

Ashleigh gives her visit to America’s Best an A-plus. “It was probably one of the easiest eye doctor experiences ever. I get loads of compliments on my new glasses. I’ll definitely be a regular from now on.” 


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