Prescription Sunglasses

Eyeglass wearers often struggle with convenience and safety when it comes to sunlight. Many people don't want to spend extra money on prescription sunglasses.

But protecting your eyes from 100% of UV rays is very important as these rays can damage your eyes.

There are affordable options to help you protect your eyes and keep from getting irritated or distracted when trying to drive, read, or play a sport outside.

Types of Prescription Sunglasses

Prescription sunglasses come in a variety of options, just like regular eyeglasses. These include bifocal, multifocal and progressives. High-index, polycarbonate and plastic options are all available lens types.

There are a variety of styles available with prescription sunglasses as well, including different designers and frames.You can choose from your favorites including Ray-Ban®.

Lens Options for Protecting Your Eyes from the Sun


Polarized sun technology is another way to protect your eyes if you are an outdoor enthusiast. These lenses are designed to work with you for water sports, snow sports, and even everyday driving.

Bright light reflecting can make seeing difficult and dangerous, so these Polarized lenses meet maximum UV protection needs and reduce glare.

Transitions® Drivewear®

Transitions® Drivewear® prescription lenses provide yet another option by combining the Transitions® technology with polarized lenses. These are special photochromic prescription lenses that change from a light to dark tint depending on the lighting.

They are also designed to offer the same comfort and protection of other polarized prescription lenses. There are also lots of options for affordable prescription sunglasses.


Transitions® lenses change from light to dark when exposed to certain types of light. There are several different types of Transitions® products and this type of lens can keep you from having to change between your prescription glasses and sunglasses as these lenses will change for you. See more about Transitions®.

Browse our selection of sunglasses or schedule your eye exam to get started with prescription sunglasses today.

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