Anti-Fog Coating for Eyeglass Lenses

If you live in a cold climate or even a really hot and humid climate, you may have already experienced the challenge of transitioning from heat to cold or cold to heat and the way that impacts your eyeglasses. The result: Your glasses fog up making it difficult to see out of them until they clear.

For some, fogging is merely an inconvenience. But, for others—especially those who respond to emergency situations--the fogging could create a dangerous situation where they are unable to see for a minute or more. The same could also apply to anyone who works objects that produce heat in an air-conditioned environment—such as a baker who may not be able to see after he opens his oven door.

What does an anti-fog coating do?

An anti-fog coating protects your eyeglass lenses from the condensation of moisture on the lenses that produces fogging.

Can I just apply this coating later?

No. Although there are products out there that claim you can spray them on and keep your glasses fog-free, an anti-fog coating is the only surefire way to protect your lenses from a fogging response. This permanent coating is applied to your lenses before they are cut so the lens quality won't wear or wipe off.

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