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It's Love Your Optometrist Day!

Today, we celebrate the guardians of great vision and the impact they make on their patients and communities.

optometrist smiling at kids

Who can solve 80% of your eye problems? Optometrists!

They’re the primary health care professionals for all things vision—from setting you up with prescription eyeglasses and contact lenses to spotting serious eye diseases.

That certainly makes your eye doc deserving of a round of applause on World Optometry Day, which falls on March 23 this year. In cities around the world, optometrists will be celebrated for the special care they provide to patients young and old. 

We at America’s Best are joining in by recognizing our own standout eyecare pros. These optometrists go above and beyond for their patients every day. For them, no eye exam is "just routine." Every day is an opportunity to make someone's world a little brighter, and a little clearer.

We’re proud of the awesome work they do and invite you to Meet America’s Best.

Dr. Miguel Manzano: Kindness in Plain Sight

Dr. Rachel Wu: Retinal Camera to the Rescue

Dr. Svetlana Pekovic: Young Boy’s Vision Woes Point to a Heartbreaking Condition

Dr. Dan Knepper: An Ordinary Eye Check Saved One Man’s Life

Dr. Kenton McWilliams: When the Fog Sets In, It’s Time for an Eye Exam

Dr. Rick Rodriguez: The Eyes Have It for Early Detection

Dr. Carlton Edwards: Pink Eye Diagnosis Reveals Near-Fatal Heart Infection

Dr. Chantal Jacques: Your Eyes Are a Window into the Health of Your Whole Body

Dr. Crystal Lee: When You Can Hardly Believe Your Eye Doctor (But You Should)

Dr. Karen Lamach: Yes, Your Eye Doctor Can Help with That




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