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Spotting Vision Problems in Children

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Children need proper vision to succeed in the classroom.

Checking your children's eyes is critical and should be done on a regular basis ' not to mention, it is fairly easy. Children need proper vision to succeed in the classroom, their studies and in learning to interact with other children.

Kids do not always speak up when they are facing issues, so the eyewear specialists at America's Best offer the following things to look for when trying to spot any potential vision problems:

  • Look for unusual activity in your child's eyes, such as squinting, excessive blinking or rubbing of the eyes.

  • Check for anything out of the ordinary, such as crossing or appearance of not being completely focused. Your child's eyes may also have excessive crust or pus, or may tear excessively. Another troubling sign can be droopy eyelids or bulging eyes.

  • Try to remember if your child has been complaining about his or her eyes at all.

  • Keep a heads up for headaches and dizziness, which can be caused by vision problems.

  • Notice how your child reads. If he or she holds reading materials really far from ' or extremely close to ' his or her face, this is a red flag.

  • Examine your kid's hand-eye coordination. If he or she seems to have issues in this area, vision could be the culprit.

  • Look to see if your child favors one of his or her eyes over the other.

  • Speak to your child about school. Ask him or her where he or she sits, whether really close to ' or far away from ' the blackboard. Ask him or her about the lessons and what happened in school that day. If your child cannot provide details or do not remember, it may be because he or she were not able to pay attention and could not see the board. Your child may not have been able to read his or her books and lesson materials either.

Vision problems can happen to any child. They may affect his or her life, but they don't have to control it. Grab hold of your child's eye health by looking for signs of trouble.

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