Contact Lens Exam vs Regular Eye Exam

If you plan on wearing contacts, you will need an annual contact lens exam that goes beyond your normal eye exam. A contact lens exam includes additional procedures and tests that help determine the best type of contact lens for you. A contact lens exam is $89 and is not included with the purchase of any product.

Why is a contact lens exam more expensive?

Additional testing is required for contact lenses because they are classified as medical devices. The optometrist will need to evaluate the size and shape of your eye, as well as other factors like your tear production levels.

What do I get with a contact lens exam?

Trial lenses are included with every contact lens exam. Most trials are handed out the same day as your exam, but some specialty lenses (toric, bifocal, colored, etc.) will have to be ordered. Wearing these lenses for a short period of time will help the doctor determine if those particular lenses are right for you.

The doctor cannot finalize your prescription until you return for the follow-up appointment.

The follow-up is included in the contact lens exam fee, as long as it is within 45 days of the original exam. Learn more about what to expect with a follow-up exam or why you need one. If multiple follow-ups are required, that cost is included as well.

Lastly, there is a portion of the contact lens exam called I&R (for insertion & removal) where new patients, especially new contact lens wearers, demonstrate that they can properly insert and remove their contact lenses.

If you are concerned about the cost of the contact lens exam, we highly recommend purchasing an Eyecare Club membership. A 3-year membership costs $99 and includes free contact lens exams (up to 2 per year), 10% off all contact lens purchases and in-store eyeglass purchases, and other great deals, like home shipping and more. Learn more about our Eyecare Club.