No Line Bifocal Progressives

multifocal progressive lenses

Multifocal Options

As we age, wearing bifocals becomes a necessity to see both near and far. But we know that the tell-tale line of the lined bifocal is a thing of the past.

No line bifocals or progressive lenses eliminate the bifocal line without impacting your vision. Many customers prefer progressives as they allow you to see close-up, far away and everything between much more easily than standard lined bifocals. See the difference between standard no-line bifocals and lined bifocals below!


EZVue™ Traditional

Entry level no line bifocal/progressive

Example of EZVue Traditional Lens

DigiVue™ Advanced

Good clarity of vision & fits wider range of frames

Example of DigiVue Advanced Lens

DigiVue™ Elite

Easier to adapt to & a wider field of vision

Example of DigiVue Elite Lens

Digimax® Ultra HD with NeverGlare Advantage®


Logo for Neverglare AdvantageWidest field of view & natural to use


Example of DigiMax Ultra HD Lenses


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