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Neverglare Advantage Lens Coating

This lens coating virtually eliminates ALL glare on your glasses lenses

See the NeverGlare Difference

The NeverGlare Advantage® anti-reflective lens coating has many benefits for eyeglass wearers.

You'll especially notice the difference at night because NeverGlare Advantage® can almost eliminate glare from headlights. 

  • NeverGlare Advantage® lowers the amount of glare entering your eyes, causing LESS eye fatigue throughout the day. 

  • Lenses coated with NeverGlare Advantage® are easier to clean with less smudges.

What are Halos?

Halos are a type of glare. Halos are circles of light that seem to appear around sources of light such as car headlights or neon signs after dark.

Though seeing some level of glare can be a regular occurrence for many, those who see halos regularly or who experience glare that causes discomfort or severe visual distortion means that some vision assistance is likely needed.

Those who see halos or experience light-related vision challenges at night may need an eye exam and some glasses to wear for night driving that will minimize the appearance of the halos and the distortion from the glare.

Halos can sometimes be a sign of cataracts. For this reason, if you are experiencing seeing halos or glare, you should make an appointment to get your eyes examined. 

When is Glare Dangerous?

Glare can sometimes completely distort your vision. If you've ever looked towards the sun on a very bright day, perhaps you have experienced the phenomena of temporary vision loss that follows looking at the bright light. Glare works in a similar way. When vision problems cause you to see too much glare, your eyes have a difficult time distinguishing objects clearly and your vision as a whole is distorted.

Glare can be a sign of many different types of vision problems including:

  • Farsightedness

  • Nearsightedness

  • Presbyopia

  • Astigmatism

There are many different options for treating glare and halos. Talk to your America's Best optometrist about vision correcting lenses and anti-reflective coatings that can make it easier for your eyes to focus even in bright conditions.

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