Transitions® Drivewear®

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Transitions® Drivewear® does it all by combining the technology of Transitions with the protection offered by polarized sunglasses.

Hate carrying around a separate pair of sunglasses? Then you need Transitions® 

Transitions lenses are a great option for anyone who uses prescription sunglasses along with their regular eyeglasses or for contact lens wearers who only want one pair of back up glasses but still need an option for blocking the sun on non-lens wearing days. Transitions®  lenses make it possible for you to wear just one pair of glasses and yet always have your sunglasses at the ready, should the skies suddenly get bright. 

The amazing Transitions®  lens technology takes your regular lenses and makes them photochromic—which means that the second they are exposed to UV light they begin to darken. Once fully darkened, these lenses then block out 100% of the sun’s harmful UVA rays.

Here’s How it Works

Let’s say you are leaving your home for work in the morning. You walk outside and your lenses darken, your lenses will stay dark while you drive and then walk into work. Because Transitions Drivewear lenses are sun lenses, once you walk back into work, the lenses won't become completely clear. In low light conditions they will be a green/yellow color that provides high contrast, and maximize useful light information reaching the eye.

Drivewear® lenses combine the technology of Transitions® lenses with the glare protection of polarized sunglass lenses in order to make a lens that responds well to both visible and UV light. If you find yourself squinting a lot while driving, even while wearing sunglasses, or if you are behind the wheel of your vehicle often and hate the inconvenience of switching from regular glasses to sunglasses, then Drivewear® lenses are an upgrade you should definitely consider.  



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