We’re Open for Essential Services

As of xx/xx/xxxx we will be opening select stores in order to provide essential vision care services. Our staff is taking every precaution to ensure a clean and safe environment and as always, access to quality eye care at an affordable price.

Steps to Ensure Safety in Our Stores

The health of our patients, doctors, and associates is our top priority as we reopen to service your needs.

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  • What a customer can expect when they visit a reopened store- Need more info
  • Safety precautions a customer should take- Need more info

At this time, we are accepting only patients needing essential care such as those experiencing true eye care emergencies or changes in vision. If you're experiencing any of these essential care symptoms, please find a store to schedule an eye exam. If you are not sure if your eye care need is essential, definitions of each are listed below.

Essential Services

Blurred Vision

If you have blurry vision or changes in your vision that interfere with or disrupt your day-to-day functions.

Broken or Lost Eyewear

If your glasses are broken, you're in need of a backup pair, or are running out of contact lenses and don’t have a valid prescription. If your prescription is valid, you may be able to purchase online.

Double Vision or Halos Around Lights

If you start to see double in one eye or both, or if lights appear to have a ring around them with or without pain.

Drooping of the Eyelid

If one of both of your eyes starts to droop

Flashes or Floating Objects in Your Eyes

In one or both eyes; with or without loss of vision; with or without pain

Redness, Pain & Sensitivity to Light

If you have a “pink” or red eye, discharge, sensitivity to light, or feel any pain around your eyelids.

Severe or Recurring Headaches

If you suffer from recurring headaches that are mild or severe

Sudden On-Set Dry Eye

If dry eye is a new symptom and cannot be controlled with over-the-counter tears or drops.

Trauma to Your Eye

If you were struck in the eye, have something stuck in your eye (any foreign object including contact lenses), or stinging eyes from chemical exposure.

Vision Loss

If you have sudden or gradual loss of your vision with or without pain; loss of peripheral (side vision) or colors appear dull.

Non-Essential Services

Dry Eyes

If your eyes normally feel dry, use preservative-free over-the-counter tears as available.

New Contact Lens Fittings

If you want to try contact lenses for the first time and are not experiencing new vision problems.

Routine Eye Exam

Your regular annual eye exam and you are not experiencing any other symptoms.

Seasonal Allergies

If you normally have allergies that can be controlled with drops.

Shopping for Glasses or Accessories

If you are looking for new eyewear and have a valid prescription please shop online.