6 Tips for Buying Contacts Online from America’s Best

If you’ve had a contact lens exam in the last year, it’s easy to order your lenses online, even if you don’t know your prescription. Follow these steps.

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Don’t have time to go out and pick up a new supply of contact lenses? No problem. If you’ve had a contact lens exam within the past year, it’s easy to order contacts online from America’s Best.

We can help you save yourself a trip—and some money. Just follow these steps.

Step #1: Grab Your Contact Lens Prescription

After you’ve had a contact lens exam and been fitted for lenses, your optometrist will give you a contact lens prescription. It includes information you’ll need to order contacts online from America’s Best.

If you have a current box of your contacts, check the side of the box for your prescription.

Important tip: You need a current, valid prescription to place an online order. In most states, contact lens prescriptions are good for just one year. (Learn why a yearly contact lens exam is so important here.)

Do you need a contact lens exam? Click here to find an exam time that fits your schedule.

What if I Don’t Have My Contact Lens Prescription?

No worries. If you saw an optometrist at America’s Best, we’ll have a copy in our system and can validate the prescription for you during checkout. (More on this in Step #2, below.)

If you saw an outside optometrist, you can provide your doctor’s information during checkout. We’ll contact their office to validate the prescription, then process the order.

Step #2: Find Your Prescribed Lenses on Our Site

You’ll find the best contact lens brands and options at AmericasBest.com—just click here to start shopping.

You can browse by:

  • Brand
  • Contact lens type
  • Manufacturer

Here’s where the information on your contact lens prescription (or box of current lenses) is needed.

On your prescription, take note of the following:

  • Contact lens brand
  • Contact lens wearing schedule, also called “modality”

Your doctor will prescribe you a certain brand and modality—dailies, weeklies, or monthlies. Remember, you will only be allowed to order the brand and modality that is on your prescription.

Once you’ve found your prescribed lenses, click to make your choice and add it to your cart.

There are two ways to enter the information from your prescription.

  1. Enter it manually where prompted, as shown:

  2. Upload an image of your most recent prescription during checkout. Then just provide your doctor’s information, and we’ll validate the prescription.

Quick tip: If you have an existing account at americasbest.com, your prescription may already be in your account. Just select your current prescription during that step. If you don’t see the correct prescription, select your store during checkout. We’ll have a copy in our system and can validate the prescription for you.

Step #3: Decide How Many Boxes You Need

Once you find your contact lenses on our site, decide how many boxes you’d like.

  • If you wear dailies, you can buy a 30- or 90-pack.
  • If you wear weeklies or monthlies, you can order a 3-month, 6-month or annual supply.

Note: It is important to always follow the prescribed wearing schedule for your contacts. Wearing lenses for longer periods of time than prescribed can lead to serious eye issues. (Read more about the dangers here.)

Step #4: Submit Your Order and Pay

You’ll receive an email order confirmation with an order number. Then we’ll validate your prescription. When your contacts are on their way, we’ll send a shipping confirmation email.

We ship using FedEx or United States Postal Services (USPS). If your order includes glasses and contacts, they may ship separately.

  • FREE Standard Shipping - 3-4 business days + processing time
  • Expedited Shipping - 1-2 business days + processing time

That’s it! Once you’ve checked out, it takes 1–2 business days to process your contact lens order before shipping.

How You Save By Ordering Contacts Online from America’s Best

Here’s how America’s Best helps you save money on your online orders:

  • Free standard shipping on all online orders. No minimum purchase required. Buy in bulk and save!
  • The Eyecare Club. If you’re an Eyecare Club member, you’ll receive 10% off any order of glasses or contacts. The membership includes two free exams per year for three years.

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FAQs About Ordering Contacts Online from America’s Best

  • Can I use a voucher or coupon when I buy online? We do not accept vouchers or coupons online at this time.

  • Do you accept vision insurance online? For online orders, we do not accept vision insurance as payment for orders. We provide a receipt which can be submitted to your insurance company as an Out-of-Network purchase.

    Make sure you consult with your insurance provider before you place your order to determine whether they reimburse or have limits for out-of-network purchases.

  • I’m an Eyecare Club member but my discount isn’t being applied. If you don’t have an existing online account at americasbest.com, you’ll need to contact Customer Care to make sure your discount is applied to your order. Please call 1-800-999-4758. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

  • I can’t get into my Eyecare Club account. If you have an account and are having trouble accessing it, reset your password.