Q&A for California Residents


Why should I choose an America's Best Vision Plan Doctor for an exam? 

As a California licensed vision care plan, America's Best Vision Plan credentials its doctors and has a quality assurance plan that governs the standards of care provided by our doctors. In addition, the Company has a public policy committee with member representatives that provide input into our operations.

What does the America's Best Vision Plan 2 Pair and Eye Exam Membership cover?

The 2 Pair and Eye Exam Membership** entitles you to an initial general eye exam, additional general eye exams you may want or that the doctor determines you may need for one year. Additional general eye exams are subject to applicable co-pays. You are also entitled to 2 pairs of prescription eyeglasses (Member's current, valid prescription needed) with frames from the $59.95 collection. Each pair of glasses purchased as part of our 2 Pair and Eye Exam Membership offer includes single-vision uncoated plastic lenses. 

Can I also get a contact lens exam?

Yes. Though not covered by the 2 Pair and Eye Exam Membership, you may pay an additional amount for a contact lens eye exam, which provides the exam and all follow-up care for 90 days. After that, additional charges will apply. A 3-Year Contact Lens Exam Membership** that covers contact lens exams is available (see below).

What does the America's Best Vision Plan 3-Year Contact Lens Exam Benefit Plan cover?

The 3-Year Contact Lens Exam Benefit Plan** membership entitles you to all of the contact lens eye exams and eyeglasses exams you may want or need for 3 years. In addition, you are entitled to discounts on contact lenses and eyeglasses at America's Best Contacts & Eyeglasses. Save 10% automatically on all contact lens purchases. Save 10% on any eyeglasses purchase (in-store only).

Where can I get my eye exam and eyeglasses or contact lenses? 

Vision care services, eyeglasses and contact lenses covered in America's Best Vision Plan memberships are available exclusively at America's Best Contacts & Eyeglasses retail stores. Vision Plan eye doctors are conveniently located with America's Best and you can book your appointment online. 

How can a patient learn more about the America's Best Vision Plan?

The America's Best Vision Plan Individual Services Agreement and Evidence of Coverage (ISA & EOC) will provide you with detailed information on our services and costs. If you have any questions about your benefits, please contact us at 800-841-2790 or email us at [email protected].

You can obtain a complete copy of your Membership Contract by:


**Please see the Membership Contracts for complete details.