For further information, please visit the following sites.


National Vision, Inc.

NVI retail stores are located next to many of our optometry offices. Visit their site to learn more about the company and the brands they offer.


A non-profit organization dedicated to providing low-cost eye wear to communities in third-world countries.

WebMD Eye Health Center

A useful source of detailed eye health and care information.

Optical Vision Site

A site dedicated to providing Optometrists with useful information and tips on maintaining a healthy practice.

North County Health Services

The NCHS is now host to the new FirstSight San Marcos Optometry Clinic (opened April 25th, 2011) and provides valuable services to the surrounding communities.

National Eye Institute

A governmental entity that provides helpful information to both patients and Optometrists.

American Optometric Association

A non-profit organization that provides health information to patients and membership benefits to Optometrists.