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Front side measurements mm mm mm
Measurements are typically printed as three numbers inside your frame. Frame measurements may be different depending on the options selected.
Side view measurements mm

If you already have glasses that fit well, find those frame measurements to use as a guide. We recommend looking for new glasses within:

  • 1-3mm of your current Lens Width
  • 1-2mm of the Bridge Width
  • 4-6mm of the Temple Length
Sizing Guide



Figure yourself to be a man of mystery? Give the ladies something to wonder about as they try to solve what secrets lie behind the captivating sunglasses. Whether strolling around town or have some fun in the sun and the sand, these sunglasses will have no problem adding to your style.   

Available in a matte navy blue    

Plastic frames reflect heat leaving them cool and comfortable         

Larger lenses provide better sun protection and are perfect for softening defined features