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One-Year Product Protection Plan

Protection Plan _250Adult Product Protection Plans

A one-year protection plan on your eyeglasses is available for an additional cost.

Plan Coverages

The product protection plan covers:

  • Breakage
  • Excessive scratching on lenses

The plan will replace damaged eyeglasses one time.

Plan Exceptions

It does not cover lost or stolen glasses. Replacement glasses cannot exceed the retail value of the first pair of eyeglasses, and must be the same prescription. If the replacement pair has a lower retail value than the original, no refund will be issued.

How to Add the Product Protection Plan

When you purchase two pairs of eyeglasses and upgrade to our one of our special lens packages, the One-Year Protection Plan is automatically included. You can also purchase the One-Year Protection Plan separately, without the special lens packages.

KidsGear Breakage Protection Plan

Kids are tough on glasses, and it’s good to know with that with this program, if your child's glasses break or become excessively scratched, you can get a replacement pair.

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