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America's Best FAQ About Offers & Practices

I came in to purchase glasses and by the time I left, I paid over $150. Your ad says 2 for $69.95. Why did I pay more?

The 2 for $69.95 offer is real and available, and it includes a free eye exam when you purchase two pairs. This offer includes single vision plastic lenses and any frames that are tagged $59.95. There are currently over 400 frames that are available for this option. Some customers become confused in relation to our pricing and feel as if it may be bait and switch when they choose to upgrade their lenses. Any upgrades that you choose to make to your glasses such as thinner lenses, anti-reflective coating, Transitions lenses, designer frames or other treatments will increase the price. However, our lens upgrades are still cheaper than our competitors, and these upgrades are optional. Lined bifocals start at 2 pairs for $99.95 with a free eye exam.

We never want our customers to feel they were “ripped off” or didn't get a good deal because of the choice to upgrade their lenses and spend more than $69.95. While it is possible to spend more than $69.95, it is important to realize that with the options you have chosen, you will still pay less at our stores than all other other optical retail stores. We are confident that you will save money on your eyeglasses and prescription sunglasses and encourage you to price check us with our competitors. We also have a 30 day money back guarantee for any reason.

When visiting our store, it may be helpful to understand the following: Upgrades are completely optional but may be recommended based on your lifestyle or the doctor’s opinion of what is best for you. You can always get the 2 for $69.95 deal so long as you choose frames tagged $59.95 and require single vision plastic lenses. Our upgrades, if you choose to have them, are offered at a highly discounted rate. They also include many beneficial features such as thinner lenses, scratch resistant coatings, UV protection, one year warranty or the ability to add a fashion tint. Again, with your particular lifestyle, eyesight and fashion preference, you may wish to go with a thinner and lighter lens which is not part of our 2 for $69.95 deal. We do offer low prices on upgrades, so you will still be paying less than when shopping at our competitors.

I used to go to a private optometrist and his exams took a lot longer than yours. I heard you don’t have real eye doctors, is that true?

All of our optometrists at America's Best Contacts and Eyeglasses locations are state licensed to perform your eye exam. They adhere to all quality and care protocols required by the state. Healthy eyes are an important aspect of your overall health and we take this responsibility seriously. When you visit one of our locations for an eye exam, we will evaluate your overall eye health as well as determine any prescription needs you may have for vision correction. If you have questions or concerns during the eye exam, please feel free to discuss these with your eye doctor. They are there to assist you and to ensure you have a positive experience.

When I went into your America's Best Contacts & Eyeglasses location, I had to wait for over an hour to see the optometrist. Why is the wait so long? I even had an appointment!

We apologize for the wait time you experienced in our store. While we do our best to minimize any wait time for our patients, it does happen occasionally as our prices are so much lower that more people want to come to our locations. Just like at your family doctor’s office, a certain amount of time is scheduled for each patient. If a patient with more complicated issues is seen, the appointment may last longer so we can ensure the patient is evaluated properly. This can result in delays. If you avoid Saturdays and evenings after 5 pm, the likelihood of a long wait time is minimalized.

Why is America's Best Contacts & Eyeglasses making me come back to get my contact lenses and my prescription? Why can't you just give them to me at my appointment?

Since the contact lens is worn directly on your eye, it is important for the optometrist to be able to evaluate the fit and how it conforms to your eye. For many patients, it takes an adjustment period to become accustomed to contact lenses - particularly if they haven't worn them in the past. By asking you to come back after a few days, the eye doctor is able to better evaluate the fit. You will also be able to better communicate if you believe it is the best contact lens based on comfort and ease of use.

As soon as this confirmation is made, you may request your contact lens prescription and place your order for your contact lens supply. Our associates can also set you up for online ordering so your contact lenses can be delivered directly to your home or office for your convenience.

Why do my glasses take 7 to 10 business days to arrive from America's Best Contacts & Eyeglasses when other places can give them to me the same day?

In order to keep our costs low and pass the savings on to you, America's Best Contacts and Eyeglasses uses several centralized labs to produce our eyeglasses. Orders are transmitted to the lab daily and our employees begin working to custom make your eyeglasses. This is a more cost effective solution than having individual store labs and allows us to continue to offer the low pricing you are accustomed to on all of your eye wear products from America's Best. While same day and one hour retailers say they do not charge for this service, if you ever compare prices, you will see it is built into their price and one of the reasons they are so much more expensive.

The Eyecare Club seems to be a good deal. What's the catch?

The Eyecare Club membership consists of two free eye exams (glasses or contacts) per year and a 10% discount on all eyeglass and contact lens orders for the life of your membership. We offer a 3-year membership for $99 or a 5-year membership for $139. If you factor in the savings on eyeglasses, contact lenses and exam costs, a 3-year membership will save you over $500 a year and over $900 with the 5-year membership. These savings are based on regular prices for eye exams and contact lenses. It's certainly not a scam and many of our customers enjoy the savings offered by being a member.

I heard some customers feel the sales associates are very pushy about the Eyecare Club. What if I don’t want to buy it?

Sometimes our associates get excited about the Eyecare Club because it is such a good deal for our customers. Not only do you get 2 exams a year for 3 years for only $99, you get discounts on contacts, eyeglasses and accessories. If you’re someone who enjoys discounts on top of low prices and wants to ensure healthy eyesight, this is a great deal for you. You are under no obligation to purchase the Eyecare Club if you are not interested.

It took forever to pick up my glasses/contacts from your store. Why does it take so long just to pick up my order?

Our stores do experience high volume traffic at certain times throughout the year. We do offer a sign-in sheet so that customers coming in can indicate whether they are there to receive products or schedule an appointment. If you’re someone who wears contacts, we offer a quick and easy way to order them through and have your products shipped directly to your home.

Your ad says I can get any 2 pairs, why can’t I get a pair and my wife get the other?

The two for $69.95 offer is per person and cannot be shared with another individual. You can use two different prescriptions but it has to be for the same person.

Why would I need two pairs of glasses?

Having two pairs of glasses not only saves you money with us but also gives you the option to have a choice. Everyone can benefit from having two pairs such as having one pair as a backup, keeping one pair at work or the other at home, one for leisure activities and the other for sports, or one pair for formal wear and the other for weekend activities. Our store associates are great at helping you pick the right pairs based on your lifestyle.

The exam was free when I purchased 2 pairs but why was I charged $15 for a Visual Field Test (VFT)?

The visual field test is a completely optional test. This test measures retinal function and sensitivity to light. It’s for early detection of visual disorders such as diabetic retinopathy, brain tumors, glaucoma, retinal detachments, and hypertension. If you suffer from headaches, have a history of diabetes, high blood pressure, or heart problems, the doctor may strongly recommend this test.

I came in to your store and had to wait for such a long time just to be seen by the doctor. Why does it take so long?

We strive to be a low cost eye care store and we do experience times where we become very busy. We can offer advice and helpful tips to avoid busy times. If you can, try and get one of the first appointments of the day when our store opens or when the doctor returns from lunch. Tuesdays and Wednesdays are usually less busy with evenings and weekends being the busiest.

*In certain states, eye exams are provided by independent Doctors of Optometry or Ophthalmology. Eye exam regularly $45 without the two pair offer. Two pair purchase required for FREE eye exam offer.