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Back to School is Cool. Schedule your Free Eye Exam Today

It's Time To Head Back to School! Schedule an Eye Exam For Your Child Today!

We want to ensure your kids will be able to see their best to do their best this school year. That’s why eye exams are always included in the America's Best 2 Pair and Eye Exam Membership Plan. And because we know how tough kids can be on their glasses, our eyeglass provider, America's Best [Contacts & Eyeglasses] includes an impact resistant polycarbonate lens upgrade for kids age 13 and under. 

At America's Best [Contacts & Eyeglasses]: 

Kids Glasses

Kids can choose TWO pairs of eyeglasses from the $59.95 selection when you join the 2 Pair and Eye Exam Membership Plan for just $69.95. 

This includes single vision uncoated plastic lenses for those 14 & over. For kids 13 and under, an upgrade of the lenses to impact resistant polycarbonate lenses are included at no additional cost! The America's Best Vision Plan membership is required & fee is Included.

Eye exams are included with the Vision Plan and provided by an independent medical practice.

Your child has many frames to choose from to find the perfect style. Check out the kid's collection of glasses.

Need Added Protection for Your Kid's Eyeglasses?

Let's face it, it's nice to have that extra peace of mind without having to worry about what happens if your child breaks their glasses. Check out what America's Best has to offer to protect your kids Eyeglasses.